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The planet Golarion orbits a yellow sun in the far reaches of the Material Plane. Third of eleven in orbit, this blue planet contains vast oceans and lush green lands, the perfect environment for countless cultures to thrive. Indeed, Golarion is the most populous planet in its solar system. Golarion’s crater-scarred moon, Somal, fills its night sky, and its nearest planetary neighbors, Castrovel the Green World and Akiton the Red Planet (second and fourth from the sun, respectively), are easily visible as colored stars.

Due to its innately hospitable and life-sustaining environment compared to other worlds, presumably the work of the gods, astronomers sometimes refer to Golarion as “the Child”. Astronomers on other planets, however, often refer to Golarion as “the Cage” in reference to its cosmic role as the prison of the mad god Rovagug, who lies bound at the world’s core

All Nations and Continents are still there in their full glory, though most will be edited to have a better economic flow; engaging settlements, cities, towns, clans, etc.; and make sense to sentient colonization. This also means that Golarion is bigger.

In AR 1300 there had emerged new lands to the world of Golarian shaped through the natural processes of the world and Rovagug’s own rage. Those worlds were blocked by a phenomena known as the Deep Pillars.

The Three continents had their Deep Pillars removed in the following order

Braxtil – 2300 AR

Abblissa – 3400 AR

Cheiryl – 4600 AR

Main Page

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