Abblissa is a massive super-continent on par with Tian Xia length but greater in size. It is to the west of Tian Xia and below the Crown of the World.

Abblissa is known as the ‘Land of Heroes’ due to it’s most expansive kingdoms/nations were founded on the glory seeking adventurers, which has prompt the pathfinder society to create a base of operations there.

Physical Geography:

In the north and South, there are Tundra and Alpine Forest Biomes due to the large mountain ranges called the Forges (Four-geez) Mountain range. In the Mid-South and Mid-North, there exists the Mediterranean Scrub biome. The East contains the Montane forests, Abblissa’s center contains Mediterranean forests, and the West contains a sprawling subtropical environment.

Much of the East and Center of Abblissa contains highways due to the monsoons that flow in from Tian Xia which gives the area it’s massive wet and mild/cool summers to mild winters. This is not only done to assist trading but allow access to part of Abblissa that would be blocked off from floods and hillside areas filling up with water.

Many of the Currents that reach up to the through of the world from both side of Abblissa and west of Tian Xia are warm currents. It’s why the South Tundra is more mild and complimented with Alpines. Much of the area is fairly warm but never reaches higher than 50 Degrees F , but that’s only in elevations around seas level. The high elevations make it easier for the environment to keep cool, but the low paths and valleys allow for great trade and the weather is mild and very invasive of merchant caravans. The heat is droped off around halfway up to the crown of the world (The East and West sector of Abblissa) which s why the West has a subtropical climate/biome. Even the Mediterranean scrub would have been a desert if not for rivers and monsoon that pelt the area allowing a plethora of flora/fauna to develop.

Nations and Kingdoms:

Luminos is the biggest and most expansive Kingdom that alone rivals their ally the Messir Alliance. They are ruled by the High Lord, Fallix, within the massive city-keep, Rareloft. They patron the god Sarenrae.

The Messir Alliance is a coalition of nations and kingdoms (5 in total). They consist of the following:

  • The Kingdom of Wellow
  • The Amber Arrow Soceity
  • Arcculse
  • Celedirellyn
  • The Dusk Mountain Legion

Other Primary Factions:

Dwavern Clans: Many Dwavern Clans exist in underground territories (some of which within territories of the Messir Alliance)

Drow Houses: Many Drow noble families exist underground as well and for over a millennia have scrabbled over who is the best house and the best to have favor from Lolth. Though in the recent few centuries they have extended more energy to combating the dwarves as drow expansions has led to conflict with dwarvern territories.

Disciples of Rovagug: Rovagug’s followers are a recent threat as more and more orcs move in into the western sector of Abblissa.

Disciples and Followers of Dahak: Due to the Legend of the Great Silver Order Dragon, chromatic dragon followers and humanoid followers wish to end or obstruct the possible resurrection of the Silver Order Dragon and Raise the Black Chaos Dragon. To sacrifice the Silver Order Dragon would be monumental offering to dahak, but it seems as if the dragons are nothing put legends to the scholars and followers of Dahak.

Sigil: There are still Remnant of the followers of the Black Chaos Dragons through the generations…biding their time

Followers of the Demon Lord: Daemon worshippers have a little presencee and have cropped up in small bursts over the years.

Tian Xia: Many Clans and nations of Tian Xia can be seen trading in the area and using trade sea trading routes established by Arcculse. Also, many travel through Abblissa to get to Antiva instead of going through the Crown of the World to get there.

Racial Composition

40% Humans

10% Dwarves

10% Orcs

10% Gnomes

10% Drow

10% Elves

8% Halflings

2% other


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