Braxtil is the First continent to have it’s Deep Pillars removed. It is to the West of the Crown of the World and North of Arcadia. Braxtil is an anomaly, though it is far North, it’s climate is mild and even similar to continents like Cheiryl, Avistan, and Abblissa even though it’s at a high Latitude.

Physical Geography:

In the center of Braxtil there are three main biomes: The Montane Forest, Temperate Steppe, and Temperate Broadleaf Forest (The most prelevant biome) To the East there is the Curtain, a massive mountain range on the eastern edge of Braxtil where it’sprimarily a Tundra and Alpine Forest biome. The west contains the Mediterranean Forest.

Around Braxtil and below the sea exists a mystical coral reef that has formed aroun the entirety of Braxtil.

Nation and Kingdoms

Braxtil contains 30 kingdoms that once fought against each other for power which would then prompt for them to truce and set aside territory in the middle of Braxtil to Establish the Kingdom’s Court where they settle issues on foreign policy and wars as a unified hole. Though there is still infighting and it primarily consist of espionage and political intrigue. Though Braxtil has become mor unified over the years due to the wars and several villians that appeared in Braxtil caused chaos among them.

Arbalaught is the massive city-state that contains the Kingdom’s Court. The area is typically filled with businesses, merchants, and the low to high class (including nobles and some royalty) citizens.

Factions, Organizations, and Foreign Nations

Virtually every known organization, nation, or other faction has some presence save those from Cheiryl and Abblissa

The ones that spefically stand out are:

  • Followers of Norgorber
  • Cheliax
  • Cult of the Dawnflower


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