Cheiryl is a land east of Arcadia and South of Azlant. Cheiryl is the last near 5 centuries has been an economic boon to the global market. Cheiryl is home to the youngest nation in Golarion history, Willerderna.

Physical Geography:

For it’s location, it appears to have climates and lands forms typical of mild regions.

Cheiryl’s biomes consist of subtropical rainforest (North), Massive Mediterranean Forest (Mid-North), Massive Taiga (Mid-South), Small Tundra (South), and a small sector of Deciduous Forest (Mid)


Willerderna is currently the most prominent nation covering most of Cheiryl in a rapid expansion. They were a faction that started in Cheliax and seperated from them in a massive war. Through their nation they hold vigils, symbols, sanctuaries, and memorials of their champion during the conflict with cheliax, Elena Rosewood.

Arcculse, a nation apart of the Messir Alliance in Abblissa, has established a long trade route by sea to the south of Cheiryl in it’s tundra biome.

Significant Landformations and Landmarks

Silvershock Mountains
Rosewood River
The Middle Grove
The Rosewood Sanctuary

Factions and Orders:

Worship of Rosewood
Trabadoth Knight Order


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