Messir Alliance

The Messir Alliance is a collection of allied nations and kingdoms. It was founded on the bonds forged by the members of the Messir coalition.

Between all of the territory controlled by each nation and kingdom, there is a small province called Messir that is shared territory. It contain the fabled Advent Keep where council summons are had

The Messir Council

The Messir Council contains all of the current appointed leaders (or representatives) of the five nations with an appointed Alderman of the Messir Province appointed by the people through Elections to represent them in council summons. A New Alderman is Appointed every 100 years or when the Alderman is deceased (whichever comes first).

The current Alderman is Karth Marion: A Human male.

Government, Legislation, and Authority

Government Issues, foreign policy, economy, and etc. are handled by the council. Though the Alderman can pass legislation and enforce them, the council supersedes him on a majority of the council vote; this is common since the rulers and leader of their respective nations are often within their own territory.

Authority forces typical consist of a multitude of different knight orders, organization, and groups across the the kingdoms and nations of the Messir Alliance.

Justice System

After a vote in 4000 AR by the council, they declare to use Arcculse and The Amber Arrow Society’s court system based on citizen response and surveys.

The Kingdom of Wellow

The Kingdom of Wellow was founded by Garret Sear ‘the Juggernaut’ Garret Sear was known to boast of his ‘manliness’ to the masses and charge head first into battle without a second though. He truely vauled the trials of vitality and battle above all else. This is reflected in his society that primarily benefits from very loose freedoms and large amount of Arena. It is also home to a recent wonder of the World. The Perion Collseum.

The Kingdom of Wellow is a Monarchy.

Noteable NPCs

  • Royalty
    • The Sear Royal Family

The Royal Family current Consists of the Following

Daveth ‘The Duke’ Sear- King of Wellow: Daveth is the current King of Wellow. HE is known for carrying the family name’s propesity for all things ‘manly’ and brave-warrior code.

Delia ‘Broodmother’ Sear – Queen of Wellow: Delia is the Wife and ruling queen of Wellow. Though she is known to have the skill set of a warrior she is far more known for her propensity to carry multiple children. Casually she is also known to talk about ‘plowing the fields’.

The Sear Brothers (Identical Twins)

  • Hagard Sear
  • Nyth Sear
  • Brock Sear
  • Ron Sear

The Sear Sisters (Identical Twins)

  • Lavender Sear
  • Dagna Sear
  • Ivana Sear
  • Josette Sear
  • Kallie Sear

The Sear Triplets

  • Aes Sear – Male
  • Ebony Sear – Female
  • Noami Sear – Female

Canton Sear- Male

Larry Sear – Male

Boros Sear – Male

Tiff Sear – Female

Cindi Sear – Female

Brontus Sear – Male

Hagard Sear – Male

  • Others

Ilimyar Fan – Elf – Advisor

Sylynn Dove – Elf – Advisor

Legislation and Authority

The King and Queen of Wellow have the power of legislation, government proceeds, and anything else you can think about…,but can’t ever be bother to do that and leave it to their Elven Advisers unless it’s something they don’t like. Laws and order are maintain by a typical authority force of knights and guards.

Justice System

While there are courts, many are sent to the Perion Colosseum where they face a trial of battle to prove their innocence. Many who are found guilty of major/capital crimes in courts are sent to the Perion Colosseum to fight as Gladiators where they may continue to live in the Perion Barracks comfortable among other convicts or die. This is done to keep fights flowing in the Colosseum and keep fight gambling up as revenue for the Kingdom of Wellow.

The Perion Colosseum

The Perion Colosseum is controlled and powered by some spirit and a mysterious series of interconnected artifacts. After the first king refurbished the Arena, it was set as a battleground for warrior trials, trial by battles, and Gladiator matches. The Being that controlled the Arena was said to have been create for that purpose and had the means to contain a massive amount of criminals for gladiator matches by placing arcane marks that allowed it to track, monitor, and control those with the mark. The first king took the spirit on as a follower as it had no master and put it to use. It has been in the control of the Sear Royal Family for years.

Favored Plant: None
Favored Instrument: Lute
Flag Colors: Red, Gold, Black
Flag symbol: Fire
Favored Alignment: Any Good, Chaotic, and non-evil
Capital: Wellow’s Keep
Favored Weapon: All Weapons including your fists
Favored God: Iomedae and Gorum
Other Religions (Gods): Gozreh, Shelyn, Erastil

Battleday – Pharast 3: Massive Colosseum events and Battle-themed festivals with preforming warriors and fights.

The Amber Arrow Society

The Amber Arrow Society was founded by Shevron Kannon, a gaudy wizard who cam to Abblissa to create his own magic society where his family will treated like kings.

The Nations Culture is gawdy; it is filled by aristocrats and noble who flaunt their money and power especially due to their booming magic trade in abblissa. Though they tend to support logic, reasoning, and empirical evidence above all else. Many of the Higher classes ridicule the uneducated.

The Amber Arrow Society is a Monarchy

Notable NPCs

  • Royalty: The Kannon Royal Family established it’s name through it’s favor of the Silver Order Dragon. The family consist of over two hundred members. Though they are primarily human, some Humans and half-elves are among their ranks.
    • Leavron Kannon: Duke of the Amber Arrow
    • Wynndala Kannon: Duchess of the Amber Arrow
  • Aether Aegis
    • High Overseer: Bradnolio Gran Antiolo

Legislation and Authority

The Amber Arrow Society are led by The Duke and Duchess of Amber Arrow. They control all law, but leave enforcement to guards and a collection of magic users known as the Aether Aegis. When overseeing other aspects of civilizaed soceity (like economics) they turn to the ‘Scholars Guild’. The Scholars Guild is a Prestigious academic community the Amber Arrow contacts for information on a number of topic primarily for the purpose of legislative and executive ordinances.

Justice System

Crimes are handle in courts in a similar vain to the Luminos where they have barristers defend and persecute with the general notion of innocent until proven guilty. This is due to their high value toward logic, reasoning, and empirical evidence. So much so that the nation often employs magical investigators.

Favored Plant: Tulip
Favored Instrument: Flute
Flag Colors: Orange, Brown
Flag symbol: Arrow
Favored Alignment: Any Lawful, good, neutral, and non-chaotic
Capital: Amber Arrow
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Favored God: Nethys, Yuelral, Abadar
Other Religions (Gods): Shelyn


Arcculse was founded by a Gnome named Arla Decims. This nation was created inadvertently as she claimed territories to be used to expand bartering and free trade, and assist merchant guilds to set foot in Abblissa; however a combination of her own business and trade caravans booming, expeditions, migration and the push for a formalized government for the people (which prompt Arla to assist in the creation of the Merchant Council); though the people were for Arla’s leadership (especially due to her being one of the heroes who fought with the Silver Order Dragon) she simply could not turn it into a monarchy, aristocracy, and any system that leave her family in power.

Arcculse is a Representative Republic

Notable NPCs

The Overseers: The Overseers are people who hold the position of ‘overseer’ that hold the primary executive power and handle the businesses held by the government. Each overseer consist of a specific title expressing their primary task: The Grand Scribe, The Grand Keeper, and The Grand Chief. These positions are held for a single 40 year period or until they become deceased (whichever comes first). Then elections are held to gain the position. though they must be members of some merchant guild.

  • Grand Scribe: Argent Malvent Decims -Gnome female
  • Grand Keeper: May Varrent -Human female
  • Grand Keeper: Kraenis Kanthicleh -Elf Male

The Sacred Family Decims: The Decims are a massive family of gnomes who can be potentially obsessive with business and making allies, but they are informally known and called sacred due to their ancestor, Arla Decims. They family still respects their ancestor’s wishes and denies and ties of inherent holier-than-thou form or sacredness.

  • Wig Decims -Gnome, Male – Runs the family’s fashion trade
  • Granite Decims -Gnome, Female – Assist’s the family fashion trade with a line of Jewelry Products
  • Sim Decims -Gnome, Female -Runs the Family’s Arms and Armor Trade in Abblissa. Most of the Arms and Armor Trade is dominated by Arcculse’s own weapons and arms dealers across Golarion.
  • Dell Decims -Gnome, Male – Runs the Family’s old Expidition and
  • Argent Malvent Decims -Female: Runs the Family’s Old Honey Treat Business. It is a valued part of the family business due to Arla’s own favor towards it and how it started her merchant and adventuring career.

Legislation and Authority

Though the overseers have some legislative power, their function are executive in nature, enforcing laws and as a whole are the leaders of Arcculse. Legislation is primarily handled by the Merchant Council which are also appointed every 40 years with public favor and voting which then goes through the Electoral Service.

Authority forces are primarily regulated to guards who generally act like a peace keeping force.

Justice System

Arcculse (like most of Abblissa) use courts with judges to evaluate the suspected party’s guilt based on Barrister arguments and presentation. to make judges less corruptible, Arcculse has employed a jury system.

Favored Plant: Tulip
Favored Instrument: Viola
Flag Colors: Sky Blue, Beige, Gray
Flag symbol: A dot with a circle around it
Favored Alignment: Any Lawful
Capital: Marriden
Favored Weapon: Crossbow
Favored God: Abadar, Irori, Iomedae
Other Religions (Gods): Shelyn, Sarenrae, Gozreh


Celedirellyn (sei-lay-deer-lin) is a nation of druids and nature worshippers. They patron the nature god, Gozreh. This nation was founded by Phothervan Shalatinu, a female elven druid. who brought her congregation to explore and preserve nature in Abblissa.

Celedirellyn is a Congregation (Direct Democracy)

Notable NPCs

Jamina Shalatinu – Elf, Female: Jamina Shalatinu is the only known member of the Phothervan’s family line. She is also the Representative of the Celedirellyn Nation in the Messir Alliance.

Gallia Reaves – Human, Female: A Druid known for leading the congregation that watches over the Chantaka, the Living Forest.

Torag Reaves – Half-elf, Male: Younger Half-Brother of Gallia Reaves, he is trained to take over his sister’s stead later when she passes.

Legislation and Authority

All Legislative acts are handled in a very informal way through the multitude of congregations that vote on mass about how to handle affairs. Due to this, not much gets done and usually in quick response or reaction to something.

Most of it’s rules are inforced by the people, though the true authority figures and forces are primarily the druid circles and legions of rangers and other nature orientated organizations such as clerics of Gozreh.

Chantaka, The Living Forest

Chantaka is a massive forest teaming with vines and forestry. However many of the Trees are misshapen with large ones that have a grotesque face with deep black eyes. Much of the Forest contains multiple forms of man-eating plants. Don’t get those confused with the eater vines as those are functions of the Living Forest; it consumes living beings to help sustain itself when it’s heavily damage by fires, giving it similar properties to animal life form’s own natural regeneration (just more powerful in all relativity). Chantaka is the name of the Forest giving by the Black Chaos Dragon of Legend. It was also known as the Cauldron due to the Dragon using it to create legions of undead. Due to the Tusk Wars, much of the Living Forest produces undead orcs in addition of undead animals. The druid circles of Celedirllyn clear Chntaka of undead periodically and keep the forest maintained so that it doesn’t resort to eating animals (and worst of all people) to sustain itself to keep the ecosystems balanced. Chantaka is always capable of restoring itself as long as there are some form of animal life present to feed on.

Favored Plant: All Flora
Favored Instrument: Flute
Flag Colors: Yellow Green, Green, Blue
Flag symbol: Leaves flowing with the winds
Favored Alignment: Any Neutral and non-evil
Capital: Iridon
Favored Weapon: Trident
Favored God: Gozreh
Other Religions (Gods): Erastil, Sheyln

The Dusk Mountain Legion

The Dusk Mountain Legion was founded by Mother Frost and Mother Nique. Though they were only there to freely explore their witchcraft, alchemical, and arcane exploits. Due to Mother Nique inadvertent assistance to the ‘Indigenous’ people of Abblissa held up in the Dusk Mountains. The Dusk Mountain Legion is the First (and only) nation to become a part of the Alliance that has no ties to the original heroes of the Silver Order Dragon. The Nation (after joining) did make a massive contribution to the Tusk Wars.

The Dusk Mountain Legion

Notable NPCs

The Snow Witch Family: To the knowledge of those in Abblissa (and Golarion), the Snow Witch Family has no males, only females. It is unkown if they have husbands or some lovers to help conceive this children or that they use magical means. They are some terrifying wild tales about this that are not well received within the Dusk Mountain Legion.

  • Mother Frost The Third
  • Mother Nique The Third
    • Both Mother Frost and Mother Nique are the Head of the Family. Those are not their first names as they are replaces with Mother Frost or Mother Nique when the last Snow Witch Mothers appoint a daughter as their heir. Their Family Members consist of elves. Virtually all members practice some form of magic/mysticism . All of their members go through some process to change their skin Blue and hair white if they are not born with these traits.

Legislation and Authority

The Snow Witch Family complete control legislation and executive decisions. The Hierarchy in the family is very simple; First there are the Great mothers, and then there is everyone else. This means that the Great Mothers have the final say. There are very few problems with this due to the Snow Witch Family’s education standards. The Great Mother also employ overseers loyal and dogmatic to their family (which there are plenty) as Alderman of their provinces save the capitol. The Snow Witch Family also uses and maintains Ice and Snow Golems as guardians for their major towns, key territories, and the capital; they double as heavy law enforcement units that the Snow witches themselves can take direct control and commune to other through them from their Mountain Palace.

Court System

The Snow Witches have two different court types, Civil Courts and Grand Courts.

Civil Court handle all minor disputs and all minor, but some major offenses and crime. Barristers are employed to disput a suspects innocence to a judge.

Grand Courts are courts held in temples devoted to the Snow Witch Family where a Snow Witch Daughter Judges them. Sometimes Barristers are employed; Snow Witch Sisters may simply hear a crime and the suspect and declare him/her/it guilt or innocent at any point in the tribunal. Though other Snow Witch Daughters may disput this. Rarely a Great Mother ever preforms this duty.

Favored Plant: Mint
Favored Instrument: Violin
Flag Colors: Royal Blue, White, Black
Flag symbol: Two Mountains
Favored Alignment: Any Neutral and Any Good
Capital: Wendolynn
Favored Weapon: Double staff
Favored God: Pharasma, Yuelral, Desna
Other Religions (Gods): Sheyln

Messir Alliance

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